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Separation Anxiety

Is your dog frantic when you leave home? Neighbors complaining of barking and howling? Coming home to chaos and destruction? These are all signs of Separation Anxiety. It’s time to be able to leave home without the guilt and frustration of leaving your dog alone. I can teach your pup that being home alone is safe, secure, and “no big deal!”

SA 4 Week Training Start Up Package

All training is done virtually in the comfort of your home. This is a consecutive 4 week training package that is customized to you and your dog. It includes:
  • 90 min. behavior consultation
  • 4xs a week training Missions created specifically for you and your dog
  • 1x a week we meet virtually to complete a Mission together
  • Customized Google data spreadsheet to track your progress
  • Ongoing support & cheerleading


SA Monthly Training Package

For current SA clients:
  • 4 consecutive weeks of Mission assignments 4xs a week

  • Weekly live reassessment & training

  • Ongoing support & cheerleading



Not sure if your dog has separation anxiety? Need a Pro to discuss the signs of SA, the training protocol, and help you get started? This 90 min. Zoom is the beginning of your journey:
  • 90 min. behavior consult via Zoom

  • Training protocol detailed

  • Veterinary letter if applicable

  • Detailed & time stamped body language notes during a mock absence

  • Intro to your Google data sheet for training


Your Perfect Puppy

New puppy = new challenges? Need help with the chewing, biting, potty accidents and nonstop zoomies? I’m here for you! Let’s get started on a journey to get the dog of your dreams: one that is confident, mannerly, happy, and you’re proud to take out on adventures.

Day Training: Let the Dog Trainer *train* Your Pup

This is the perfect solution for busy individuals or families that want a safe alternative to board & trains. Your pup stays in the comfort of your home and I come over 3xs a week to train. After my sessions are finished for the week, we meet up to go over their training and progress, teach you how to implement the new skills, and review our goals. This 4-week package includes:

  • 12 in-home training sessions

  • Once a week meet up for review

  • Personalized training done by a professionally certified dog trainer

  • Customized training plan for your perfect puppy

  • Handouts and training games to practice at home or out & about

  • Email & text support as needed


8 Session Package: Coaching

Want to be more hands-on in your training? Need a customized program that is effective and affordable? I’ll meet with you once a week to get a puppy that is well behaved and eager to learn. This 8-week package includes:
  • Initial 90 min session: discuss your training goals, learn about clicker training, and get started on you and your pup’s first lesson

  • Handouts & homework as needed

  • Weekly 50 min. lessons for 7 weeks

  • Clicker

  • Email & text support as needed


5 Session Package: Coaching

Need to work on a specific behavior such as leash manners or a strong recall? This mini package can set up a strong foundation or help reinforce newly learned cues. This start-up package will get you hooked on positive reinforcement training! This package includes:

  • Initial 90 min session: discuss your training goals, learn abouot clicker training, and get started on your pup’s first lesson

  • Handouts and homework as needed

  • Weekly 50 min. lessons for 4 weeks

  • Clicker

  • Email & text support as needed


Social Puppy Class (ages 8 -18 weeks)

I offer a small group class for young pups under 18 weeks of age at a local training facility. This class is for socializing young pups to other puppies, introducing new sights, sounds, and environments, and lots of fun games! Off leash play during class. Contact me for more details.


“Thank you, Jackie! Jim and I and especially Aengus have learned so much these last 4 weeks and look forward to an ongoing relationship with you! Many thanks!”

Specialized Training

Reactive Rover? Shoulders out of whack from all the pulling and dragging? Dog ignoring you when you’re out and about? I offer customized training plans for your specific needs. Enjoy your time with your dog again and get started on reaching those goals of having a well-mannered dog.

Specialized Traininig


  • 60-90 min. behavior consultation

  • Discuss your goals and how to achieve them

  • Initial lesson / management plan

  • Clicker

  • Homework/handouts as needed

  • Packages start at $635 for 5 sessions


“I just can’t thank you enough. You've given me the confidence that I can work through issues with my dogs. I just didn't think I could do that before… I needed more than a confidence boost. I needed the techniques as well. You figured out what would work for him. Yes, team effort!”

Jackie Pekar, KPA CTP, FFCP, CSAT
Serving Akron, OH & Beyond

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